Loaves & Fishes Founders Featured in Business Woman Magazine

There is nothing unique about a farm in Central PA. However, the story of two women partnering to open a teaching farm is. In July of 2017, the story of how founders Jen Briggs and Bonnie McCann started Loaves and Fishes Farm in York Country caught the attention of Business Woman Magazine.
The article explains the beginnings of the farm (won at auction), the meaning behind the name, and the vision for the future.

“Loaves and Fishes Farm focuses on and works to be as environmentally conscious as possible.
“We try not to use harsh chemicals, we try to get as much out of the land in the area as we can, and we try to use sustainable practices,” Briggs said. “Bonnie is a certified permaculturalist, and my concentration is to try to do as much as we can with the budget money that we have.”
At the farm, McCann and Briggs are currently working with hydroponics and hope to soon begin experimenting with aquaponics.
They use soil-based raised beds and have a small orchard, a greenhouse, and “lots of animals,” McCann said.”

-Business Woman Magazine


How it all started

On Saturday, May 19, 2012, there was no picturesque farm pond or century bank barn. In fact, there was no barn at all. Or fencing. Or a greenhouse. Not a cow or chicken in sight.

But when the auctioneer said “Sold,” he was pointing at two middle-aged women who had, quite literally, just bought the farm. Nearly 14 acres of fields, forest and future plans. Loaves and Fishes Farm had finally found a place to put down roots.

Then things got interesting, as the two foodie farmers started to bring life to their vision for “growing in the community.”

We look forward to sharing what we have learned along the way about farming. About “growing in the community.” About plants and animals. About life and death. And about ourselves.

Thanks for dropping by, and please come back soon!

Bonnie McCann and Jen Briggs
Co-Owners and Foodie Farmers
Loaves and Fishes Farm