About Us

Mission Statement:

Loaves and Fishes is a food-based hub, providing food, education and job training for those in need.

Vision Statement:

Loaves and Fishes Farms plants the roots for an all-around healthy lifestyle through mind, body and soul, with education, good food choices, and workplace skills to last a lifetime.

In 2011, two middle-aged business women became foodie farmers, and Loaves and Fishes Farm was born as a not-for-profit learning center.

  • We believe that healthy, affordable food is a universal human right.
  • We believe that food and food traditions are the heart and soul of community.
  • We believe that food should be raised sustainably, prepared nutritiously, celebrated joyfully, and shared generously.
  • We believe that food is an ideal medium to learn about life. About stewardship. Even about math, science, economics or other subjects that seemed irrelevant in the fifth grade.

In May 2012, we purchased almost 14 acres of field and forest in York County, Pennsylvania, to give Loaves and Fishes Farm a place to grow. With help from family, friends and former strangers, we’ve converted a non-descript cinder block garage into a commercial kitchen and “club house”. We’ve been blessed by gifts of heating and cooling systems, cisterns and chicken tractors, cows and carpentry skills, cold frames and canning pots. We believe that it is our responsibility to share what we have – and what we have learned about life and land – with others.