Loaves and Fishes Farms uses it microenterprises (business learning centers) not only to enhance the real life learning experiences of all who participate  but to help support future projects and maintain the current programing.
Just some of the learning centers:

Soups and Such CSA:

In Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), individuals pay at the beginning of the season for a “share” of the farm’s produce as it is harvested.  Farmers use this pre-payment to purchase seeds and other materials needed for the growing season.  Then, from the first chives in the spring until the last pumpkin in the fall, shareholders reap a portion of the farm’s produce each week.  At Loaves and Fishes, we’ve enjoyed the benefits of CSA membership for many years.  We’ve taken the “Veggie Fairy” model one step further by launching a Soups and Such CSA in late 2011.  Each month, we prepared two different seasonal soups, along with homemade bread or muffins, which we delivered to our subscribers.  This year, we’ll expand our subscription offerings to include homemade meals for immediate use or to store in your freezer for busy days.  Tentative menu includes:
January:  Chicken Orzo Soup, Butternut Bisque (vegetarian)
February:  Borscht (beet soup), sausage and kale
March:  Baked Potato Soup, Guinness Beef Stew
April:  Spring Chicken Soup,

Coffee Roasting:

After you try our fresh roasted coffee goodness we know you will be hooked! We can roast something for everyone taste and can provide it in whole or ground bean and just about any size you would like.
We can provide private labeling and can help with your fundraising efforts of your favorite nonprofit.
Contact Jen for more details and pricing.