PAST EVENT – Introduction to Brewing Beer: 101


Our hands-on classes will take you from the very basic equipment required for home brewing, to SANITATION and cleaning methods, brewing an actual beer on premise, tasting, bottling, and taking bottles of fresh beer home to enjoy! We will discuss various types of beers, brewing styles and everything you always wanted to know about brewing beer at home.

  • Beers and delicious snacks will be available at each class.
  • The classes will provide each person the foundation for learning how to brew beer at home, without having to spend any money on brewing supplies and equipment.
  • Each student will be given a discount/coupon for purchasing future supplies/equipment at Scotzin Brothers Homebrew & Winemaking Supplies, in Lemoyne, PA.
  • If there is enough interest, its possible a beer discussion group and/or home brew club could be formed resulting from these classes.
  • The class instructor is a local beer connoisseur and experienced, award-winning home brewer.

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There will be three classes held:

First Class – Saturday, May 19th – 2-5 pm. We will review the very basic brewing equipment to get started, discuss the history of brewing, and different types of beers and brewing styles.  A batch of beer will be started at this class. During the brewing process, we will review record keeping, taking notes, sanitation, cleaning methods, times and temperatures, preparing the unfermented beer (wort) for fermentation, measuring the specific gravity (potential alcohol content) of the wort, the upcoming classes, next steps and Q&A.

Second Class – Wednesday, June 6th – 6-9 pm. We will transfer (rack) the batch of beer we made during the first class to a new fermenting/finishing vessel, measure the beer’s gravity (alcohol content), and taste and discuss the freshly made beer. Students will learn about siphoning techniques, optimal fermentation temperatures, proper beer storage and handling, next steps and Q&A.

Third Class – Wednesday June 27th – 6-9 pm. We will clean and sanitize empty bottles, transfer (rack) the finished beer to a bottling mechanism, prepare the freshly fermented beer to be bottled, measure the finished beer for its final gravity, and bottle and cap the beer to take home enjoy. This class will also discuss proper storage and handling of their freshly bottled beer, and further Q&A, if participants are interested in taking the leap or next step into purchasing beer making supplies/equipment, and growing their new found thirsty knowledge to start brewing. Must be age 21 or older. Cheers!

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